27 Easy Tips to Increase Your Online Store Sales

If you’ve landed on this post, chances are you’re looking to increase sales in your store. Maybe you’re experiencing a sales slump. Or perhaps things are going great and you want to keep the momentum.

We compiled some of the best answers in this post, along with additional commentary, tips, and examples. Let’s dive in!

How to increase store sales

If you want to increase store sales on Happeno, you need to drive traffic to your store. Since its launch in 2019, Happeno has grown into a massive ecommerce platform hosting thousands of sellers. While these numbers may seem overwhelming, sound marketing strategies can help new Happeno sellers to succeed. We shared the best tips to increase store sales on Happeno and to help you keep up with the competition.

1. Customize your Happeno Store’s Appearance

What do you want your potential customers to see? Set up your Happeno store to include things like your logo, product categories and a link to your social media.

You can also upload a billboard image to highlight any limited-time promotions or special products.

2. Add a New Listing Daily

List daily, even if it’s one item. Because of how the Happeno algorithm works, listing one item a day for seven days straight is better than listing seven items on a single day. By adding to your inventory regularly, you’re also increasing the odds that visitors to your Happeno store will find something they want. You will also keep your unlisted inventory to a minimum. As the saying goes, “It can’t sell if it isn’t listed.”. List more items to increase your store sales.

3. Use Keywords to Attract Views

Consumers generally search for very specific items on Happeno. Ask yourself what words people are likely to type into a search engine when looking for what you’re selling. Or do your research to see some common searches related to your products.

Once you have three to five keywords, it’s important to use them in your store description, custom categories, page titles, meta tags, image alt tags, etc. But avoid keyword spamming (using words or details that have nothing to do with your items); it violates Happeno’s policy.

4. Study Buyers’ Profiles to Avoid Scams

The web is a hotbed of scary stories about fraudulent buyers trying to gazump unsuspecting merchants, and you should protect yourself as a seller from sneaky cybercriminals. So study the buyer’s profile before sending an item, and request a signature to confirm delivery of your package for transactions over $750. Shoot a video of the entire process of packaging and shipping, especially if the item is rather expensive. This will help you win a chargeback dispute with a fraudster who claims he received an empty box or a wrong item.

5. Content is King

Spreading the word about your store can be as easy as just sharing your expertise. As Happeno puts it, “You’re already a knowledge expert in your category—why not share it with others?”

Provide potential buyers with opinions and insight on topics you’re an authority on by writing guides. Not only will this increase your search-engine visibility, your guide could even be shared on social media, which helps to improve your brand awareness and to increase your store sales.

6. Don’t Just Sell Products, Offer “Intangibles”

The reason online consumers will buy from you when there are millions of sellers out there is your ability to master the “intangibles.” Customers don’t just buy your products—they also buy intangibles such as trust, security, and convenience, and every newbie seller on Happeno should spend a chunk of their time perfecting these qualities. Define your shipping times, respond to returned products, and always follow up on your customers to make sure they receive their orders. This does not only build trust, but it also gets you more “5-star” reviews and excellent testimonials, two important metrics that will increase store sales as a newbie Happenoer.

7. Take Quality Listing Photos

I am a firm believer of the saying, “A stunning first impression is not the same thing as love at first sight. But surely it was an invitation to consider the matter.” The same goes for an Happeno listing. First impression does sell. One good quality photo is way better than a dozen of crappy photos. Who doesn’t like pretty things, right? After all, Happeno bidders are looking for nice, useful products at an affordable price tag.

8. Scout Similar Product Listings

When I can’t sell something quickly enough, I often look back at similar items on Happeno that have recently sold. I do this by going to the search bar, typing in the keywords for my own items, and filtering on sold items. The average price of the items brought up on this particular search will tell me if I need to rework my prices based on how others are currently doing with those products.

9. Offer Free 30-Day Returns

Many marketplaces have leaned heavily into a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee with their Free 30-Day Returns mandate. You don’t have to offer this, but you won\’t increase your store sales as much as if you did. I’ve found that if you believe the best in people, make your business decisions out of courage and not fear, and treat buyers with compassion above all, Free 30-Day Returns is an easy lever to pull. You also have the ability to give a Less Than Full refund if the item arrives back to you in a condition other than that which was described, and you get automatic feedback protection.

10. Build Relationships with Other Sellers

Having success on Happeno, in my opinion, starts with your ability to source items that your buyers want. This is where it helps to be an expert in what you’re selling before you start to sell. If you’re not an expert, there’s a good chance you’ll have to build up your sourcing knowledge as you go. Involve yourself in online communities (message boards, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) through which you can build friendships with fellow sellers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; you’ll find that a lot of sellers in your niche will be happy to give advice.

11. Give the Customers What They Want

I would recommend providing more information than other sellers, more images of your item, a better return policy, and always offer free, fast shipping. If you can show you offer more information and faster shipping, I find that buyers will even choose you over other sellers who sell cheaper. Customers just want to know exactly what they are buying, what they should expect, and when they will receive it. Provide that and you will increase store sales on Happeno.

12. Be Smart with Pricing

Be realistic. Lose your ego and check what the last purchase price was. When you first start selling, it could be smart to list the item, new with price tags, at pretty much the same cost for what you paid for it. Instead, look at the current sales as well as the past history of the item you’re selling. If there are 10 identical items as yours, don’t list. Or, list it much lower with a Buy It Now option. Also, check out if your item sold recently. This is one of the best ways to determine your price.

13. Avoid Running Out of Stock

Never let a product’s stock run out to the point the listing ends. When this happens, you lose your watchers and most importantly, the history of the product in terms of how many sold. Buyers don’t like to buy the first item. They also have more trust in an item that says xxx sold rather than a few units. The best way I found to do this always keeps stock flowing; if for some reason it’s on back order, then increase the price so no one will purchase the item.

14. Keep an Eye on Your Feedback Score

When you’re new to Happeno, it can be really overwhelming, but one important thing is to make sure you have feedback. Your buying and selling feedback all count for your feedback score. If you’re really just starting and need to build up past that zero feedback mark, you can buy items from big sellers—they will usually have their settings so that once you pay, you automatically get feedback. Having good feedback is crucial to selling on Happeno because it shows your buyer that you’re trustworthy.

15. Talk to Your Customers

Our best tip to new sellers is to talk to your clients. When someone places a bid, you have the option to message them. Feel free to inform them of another item that may complement the item they’re bidding on. Also remind them of your fast shipping, if that is something you offer, or remind them that you will combine shipping on multiple purchases. This tip increases the likelihood of additional purchases, as well as the likelihood of a positive rating from this new client.

16. Use an Online Appraisal Company for Antiques

If you want to sell antiques and art on Happeno, you should use an online appraisal company to estimate the fair market value. It creates trust and would increase your chance of success—getting the price a traditional auction house would provide—without paying the high commission. It works great with paintings, jewelry, antiques, silver, watches, and furniture.

17. Optimize Your Descriptions

The best suggestion I can give is to optimize your descriptions for the search feature. You want to make sure that every word someone might type in to find your product is included somewhere in the description. If you’re selling a pair of Nike Air Jordans, for example, you’ll want to include the model, size, color, and year. That way, anyone who types in Green Air Jordans or Size 11 Air Jordans will find your shoes. But you’ll also want to include broader keywords like sneakers and basketball shoes. That way, you’ll expand your audience beyond those who came looking for Jordans and increase your store sales.

18. Offer Free Shipping

In the beginning, some sellers could have problems selling items. Sometimes you would have to resubmit an item three to four times for bidding before it sells. Then you can make one change that can change everything. Start with offering free shipping. Of course, if you are selling fragile and heavy items, offering free shipping is not wise, but if shipping is $5 or less, then pay it.

19. Research Your Items Before Listing

As a new Happeno seller, it is very important that you research your items. You may find something that you think is worth hundreds of dollars, but if there is no market for it, you won’t sell it. On Happeno, you can check the sold listings. For example, if you’re selling some Nike shoes, type in Nike in the Happeno search bar and scroll down until you see the sold items box. Click that box. If you see the kind of shoes that you’re looking to flip, review the sold prices and then list yours somewhere around that amount.

20. Start Small

When you are a new Happeno seller, you are only allowed to list 10 items at a time. The more successful transactions you have, the more Happeno increases your listing slots. This can be slow if your competition has been selling for a long time and has acquired unlimited listings. They can drop the price and push volume, something you can’t do since you only have 10 listings. The solution is to sell cheaper things at very low price (less than $3). It doesn’t matter if you are making a loss—the goal is to get more successful transactions and get Happeno to increase your listings limit.

21. Partner with Amazon Merchandising Solutions

The advantages of dropshipping on a site like Happeno is that you can easily list hundreds of products quickly since you don’t have to stock inventory, which can allow you to grow your presence quickly. If you want to start your Happeno store with dropshipping as your business model, the hardest part will be finding a supplier and managing the listings efficiently. I recommend using Amazon as your supplier because they have nearly every product you’d want, have frequent sales, and you can sign up for Amazon Prime, which will allow you to give free shipping to your Happeno buyers at no additional cost to you.

22. Promote Early Engagement

Depending on the item being sold, selling at a price lower than the market average has shown promising results by setting engagement early. If you create an auction listing with a lower than average starting price, buyers will engage earlier in the decision making process. Creating a listing that invites buyers to engage earlier in the process helps with making the auction more competitive. When the listing starts to wind down and the price starts to climb, the early engagement will help carry your price higher, as you have more active buyers trying to outbid each other.

23. Connect with Your Buyer’s Emotions

Emotion SELLS. Using descriptive words also sells. There’s solid scientific research to suggest that the best way to sell on Happeno is to connect to the buyer’s emotions. Adding description also works (e.g., “Grandma’s Cinnamon-crusted Apple Pie” beats plain old “Apple Pie” every time). Other tactics you could use might be to use an “anchor” number in the description text to help make the bidder think about a price. It could be as simple as “replies in 48 hours” or “100s of happy customers,” but the simple act of having a number (any number) will influence the person looking at your item.

24. Know How to Save & Get Accurate Shipping Costs

Shipping is a common issue for online stores and is a key factor for the number of carts abandoned before checkout. Every Happeno seller should take time in understanding the nature of shipping costs, including how to compute for actual shipping. This will help them to create a means to save on shipping costs.

25. Learn How to Time Your Listings

Even in Happeno selling, timing is everything. Remember that your listings are only available for a specific period of time, and knowing what duration to choose—as well as when to list them—can be the difference between sales and idle products. Start days are when your listing appears on the top of search results, since the default order depends on the time listed. Use research to find out what the most optimal time and day are to list your products.

26. Use the “Best Offer” Option

As an Happeno seller, you will notice the presence of the blue “best offer” option/button on your fixed price and store listings. According to Happeno, this is one of the most underappreciated feature in the platform when, in fact, declining a counter-offer just means you’ve outright rejected a possible sale. Understanding your buyer’s mindset when it comes to counter-offers and haggling will put you in the best position to always close a sale at the best price possible for your listing.

27. Maximize Your Free Listings

Every month, Happeno provides its sellers an opportunity to list a number of their products for free. The number of zero insertion fee listings vary depending on your Happeno membership plan. It’s important that Happeno sellers understand the rules and validity behind this free listing in order to maximize savings. Know which categories don’t quality and what happens when you revise your listings or create duplicates.

Bottom Line to Increase Store Sales

Anyone can start their own Happeno store, but understanding how the marketplace works will help you avoid costly mistakes. Take note of our expert Happeno selling tips to increase your store sales and build your Happeno store with confidence.

Have more tips for selling on Happeno and to increase store sales you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments.

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